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Can a work of art help protect dolphins in the Tagus river?
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Probably Better Now in numbers
When actions speak louder than words, our gestures can have a great impact.
So we created the #ProbablyBetterNow movement and we're going to help get plastic out of the oceans.
For a more balanced world and our seas cleaner.
This is just the beginning.
Do you believe that together we can do more and better? Probably.
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20 May 2021
Dolphin Watching and beach cleaning
We joined Terra Incógnita in an awareness-raising action for the preservation of the environment. Thanks to everyone who take part!
2 June 2021
Underwater garbage collection
We promoted an action to collect garbage from the bottom of the sea, in partnership with Terra Incognita, Anthia Diving Center and Casacaisea. Thank you Rita Redshoes and Ana Varela for your help!
9 July 2021
Dolphin Watching and beach cleaning
Boat trip for dolphin watching and beach cleaning on Lisbon coast.
11 September 2021
Ocean cleaning
Boat trip and beach cleaning on Lisbon coast.
A better future is made of new ideas.

And there aren't bad ideas when we have good intentions.
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for a better future?
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Probably Better News
24 October 2022
Dolphins in the Tagus River, for a healthier estuary
To understand why Dolphins visit the Tagus, it is necessary to look at the estuary that welcomes them, the conditions that have changed in it, and what motivates them to visit the Tagus estuary.
5 July 2022
OECD Report
The recent OECD report concerns the trajectory of global plastic use and leakage into the environment. Despite pushes for recycling, plastic use does not have a circular lifecycle and both macro and microplastics leak into nature.
29 September 2021
Can a work of art help protect dolphins in the Tagus river?
2020 and 2021 were unusual years - not only for us but also for common dolphins, who have been paying us nice visits to the Tagus Estuary. The sightings made over these months confirm the greater regularity of these visits, which leaves the question: why is this return happening now after being absent for decades?
7 July 2021
Terra Incognita: On the bow of dolphin protection on the Tagus River
With the mission of protecting the dolphins of the Tagus river, Terra Incognita (Uncharted Territory) is one of the partnerships of the #probablybetternow movement.
7 June 2021
Ria Formosa marks off two designated areas of refuge for the conservation of seahorses.
The refuge areas are located in Faro and Olhão and aim at ensuring the safeguard of protected species.
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